How to Watch IPL 2024 Live Stream in New Zealand?

Ever wondered why a neighbor who barely talks about cricket suddenly becomes a pundit during IPL season? Or why your friend from another continent raves about a team from Punjab or Kolkata? Simply put, IPL’s eclectic mix of international talent, high-stakes matches, and colorful team anthems make it an irresistible affair.

Viewing Platforms for IPL in New Zealand

TV Broadcasting

Mainstream Channels

For the folks who still cherish watching matches on the big screen in their living room, New Zealand has several mainstream channels that broadcast IPL matches live. Sky Sport is a notable player in this domain, offering crisp visuals and impeccable commentary.

Satellite and Cable Providers

Sky Television also provides satellite-based services. Additionally, there are cable providers who offer exclusive packages during the IPL season, making sure you don’t miss a single ball or boundary.

Online Streaming Platforms

Official IPL Websites

Did you know that the official IPL website streams matches live? Yes, it’s a treasure for those who prefer watching it on their laptops or tablets, especially when you’re on the move or stuck in office meetings.

Streaming Apps and Websites

Gone are the days when you were chained to your TV. Various apps like Hotstar and Willow TV have revolutionized the way we consume cricket. Just make sure you have a reliable internet connection!

How to Ensure Uninterrupted Streaming

VPN Services

Ever faced the annoyance of geo-restrictions? A VPN can be your best friend. By using a VPN, you can access streaming services from any part of the world, ensuring you catch every over irrespective of your location.

Using High-speed Internet

Don’t let buffering be the villain in your IPL story. Investing in a high-speed internet connection ensures that every ball, every shot, and every wicket is streamed in real-time without any hiccups.

The Time Difference Challenge

For Kiwi fans, the time difference can be a bummer. But hey, wouldn’t it be fun to host a midnight IPL party? Or perhaps, record the matches and have an IPL brunch? It’s all about turning challenges into celebrations!

IPL Fever in New Zealand

You’d be surprised how many Kiwis are bitten by the IPL bug. With players like Kane Williamson and Trent Boult playing pivotal roles in their respective teams, New Zealand’s connection with the IPL is stronger than ever.


Whether you’re in Auckland or Christchurch, watching the IPL 2023 live stream in New Zealand is no longer a daunting task. With numerous platforms available, all it requires is a sprinkle of enthusiasm and a dash of planning. So, gear up and get ready for a thrilling cricketing summer!

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